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Reviewed On 8/14/2018 by Jasmine H

Melanie was awesome! Initially we were going to have our wedding in Cancun, Mexico but we ended up changing locations for different reasons. Mel immediately took gave us more options to choose from that was suitable to our needs and wants. We had our DW at Now Larimar in Punta Cana, DR. Everything was great and they really took care of us. They went above and beyond for my family and friends. Mel answered all my questions and concerns. She stayed in contact with us the whole time. We started planning our wedding about a year before our wedding date. She kept me calm and informed us on what to expect. She stayed in contact with our guest the entire time. Thank you Mel for making this as smooth as possible

Reviewed by Hoosie U on 11/12/2018 ·

Melanie is so sweet and easy to work with. She took away all the wedding coordination regarding hotel and when needed air travel. I was a very happy bride because of her. Highly recommend!!!

Reviewed on 1/15/2018 by Julie L

We are new to traveling and Mel did an excellent job at organizing our thought and planning ALL the traveling detail for an inexperienced traveler. She's full of knowledge which lends to a relaxing vacation. I'm so glad I found her.

Reviewed on 1/3/2018 by Dave A

If you are looking for an individual who is both personable and also knows her stuff Melanie is your person. She has extensive travel experience so she knows what she is talking about. You can feel confident you are in good hands. Bottom line Melanie can be your "go to person" when you want to plan a travel vacation for you and/or your family. I highly recommend Melanie!!!

Reviewed on January 18, 2018 by Lucy H

Melanie Blake D'Souza is the absolute best and easiest to plan travel with. Her expertise and joyful personality are unmatchable. She quickly gets to know her clients and offers exquisite and very personal travel packages according to what the budget permits. We have worked with Melanie for several years and on many trips and it just doesn't get better than her.

Reviewed on 1/31/2018 by Diane B

I have never had the pleasure of having a travel planner like Melanie before! I will never book through anyone else again. She planned a European trip for myself and my daughter that was beyond compare. She listened to my basic needs and then found me boutique hotels in perfect locations as well as excursions we will never forget. She was so helpful and flexible by giving me options and helping me narrow things down. She has so much knowledge about places and realistic timeframes to try to do everything in. 5 stars aren't enough!

Reviewed On 12/07/2017 by Dallen G

Melanie of Divine Destinations was absolutely amazing! She made our honeymoon like how I imagined a honeymoon should be ! All of the airport connections, transportation, the best activities, incredible resorts, and she gave us a booklet of everything that was so super organized it made the whole trip a breeze. We'll be calling again for our anniversary ;)

Reviewed on 11/2/2017 by Cyndy T ·

Wouldn't book my travel anywhere else! What I love about Melanie is that she truly cares about what we want in a vacation. What foods we like, what types of adventures we are looking for, keeping within our budget, etc. When we booked with her most recently for a large group all celebrating our 50th birthdays, we had lots of different things we wanted. From the foods we wanted to eat to some wanting to relax the whole time and others that wanted to go-go-go. She was able find us a place that accommodated us all!!

Reviewed on 11/1/2017 by Jill E

The best thing about having Melanie handle our travel plans for us is that she has traveled extensively with her own family, so she has lots of great suggestions and ideas for things you may not have thought of, but will later consider essential. If you're going to "invest" in a vacation, you want to spend your money wisely so that you can relax, enjoy your trip, and have everything go smoothly. Melanie has done a fantastic job of planning everything for us - and makes recommendations that are really helpful, and based on her many years of experience. (Plus she's just a nice person and fun to talk travel with.)

Reviewed on 11/14/2017 Tom M

Working with Melanie completely simplifies our vacations. Her knowledge and expertise of locations is excellent. She works with us in detail to make sure everything fits perfectly into place. I I highly recommend Travel a Go Go!!

Reviewed on 12/3/2017 by Laura N

We love working with Melanie! She has so much knowledge about traveling anywhere you might think to go! Not only does she take all stress out of planning where to go and how to get there, but she has such great ideas on where to eat, what to see and how to get the most out of your vacation. The itineraries she has given us are so beautifully put together, easy to follow and so well organized. Melanie even contacts you after your trip to make sure everything was perfect. She is fun, patient and easy to work with. I will always go to Melanie to book any vacations we have in the future! 5 stars does not say enough about how much we have appreciated and loved working with her!

Reviewed on 11/1/2017 by Jill E

The best thing about having Melanie handle our travel plans for us is that she has traveled extensively with her own family, so she has lots of great suggestions and ideas for things you may not have thought of, but will later consider essential. If you're going to "invest" in a vacation, you want to spend your money wisely so that you can relax, enjoy your trip, and have everything go smoothly. Melanie has done a fantastic job of planning everything for us - and makes recommendations that are really helpful, and based on her many years of experience. (Plus she's just a nice person and fun to talk travel with.)

Reviewed On 11/26/2017 by Emily S

Highly recommend Melanie D. for honeymoon & vacation planning! She is a great listener & is incredibly knowledgeable...We had an absolutely fabulous honeymoon in Italy and are very grateful to Melanie for her guidance.

Reviewed On 11/23/2017 by Jason S

My wife and I love working with Melanie! She’s an expert in pretty much everywhere we’ve wanted to go, and is very in tune with our particular style of travel. She takes the stress out of planning, and allows us to enjoy to the fullest.

Reviewed On 5/30/2017 by Diana O

We worked with Melanie, and she was lovely to work with. Very friendly and knowledgeable. We were so grateful to have it all planned out, it greatly reduced our stress and made the whole trip flow with ease.

Reviewed On 3/01/2017 by Mike M

Working with Melanie at Divine Destinations was one of the best choices we made while planning our wedding. Melanie guided us through all things during the process and made our Cabo San Lucas wedding perfect. Her attention to detail, client service and follow-up was impeccable and made our friends and family's experience exceptional. She worked with us to pick location, rooms, wedding details and was always patient and a kind voice during the most stressful of wedding planning situations. We all need someone like Melanie on our team when planning a wedding

Reviewed On 1/30/2017 by Chevon K

I had the pleasure of working with Melanie D. I cannot say enough great things about her! She made my wedding experience a positive one! Long story short, I wanted to have a destination wedding but it got messed up by another travel agent. I was in desperate need of help and found Melanie’s contact on The Knot. I had one conversation with Melanie and she immediately put me at ease by taking charge. Melanie relieved my stress and took care of business. I had countless conversations with Melanie at different times of the hour and she never complained. She allowed me to vent (a lot) and remained positive the entire time. She was my voice of reason and was there whenever I needed her. After realizing that I didn’t want a destination wedding, Melanie helped me pick a venue and organized activities around the wedding in a short period of time. She organized room blocks for my guests, monitored hotel RSVP’s, organized my rehearsal dinner and post wedding breakfast, reviewed contracts for discrepancies, drafted/proofread countless emails and important documents last minute, and she organized a big bus tour to NYC for my guest to enjoy the day before my wedding. Any problems that arouse, Melanie stepped in and smoothed things over. Melanie took on the role as my travel agent, wedding planner, therapist, friend, and family member. She is very personable and has a “Can Do” attitude. Melanie never let me down or made me feel like I was a burden. Even after my wedding, Melanie checks on me. I’ve gained a friend during this process and that speaks volumes! Melanie was and will always be an important person in my life. I admire how super smart and business savvy she is. I’ve learned a lot from her and will be forever grateful. It has truly been a blessing to work with Melanie. She is definitely one of a kind!

Reviewed On 12/22/2016 by Jaclyn G

My experience with Divine Destination Weddings and Melanie D'Souza was beyond pleasant! I wanted a small and stress free destination wedding and that is exactly what I got! Melanie was always there to answer any questions that my family and I had, and there were a lot of questions, while always having a positive attitude. She assured that everything would go smooth, which it did, and that she was just a call away if we needed anything. I would highly recommend Divine Destination Weddings services to anyone looking to have a stress free destination wedding!

Melanie worked tirelessly to accommodate my husband and I along with our 46 guests. My dream was to have a wedding in Cancun and Melanie made my dreams come true with little to no stress for the groom and I. She took care of travel arrangements for all of us and made sure we received nothing less than the best services while traveling with Divine. I have already recommended her to a friend who will marry soon in Cabo and I would recommend her a million times over! Thank you Melanie!!

Reviewed On 11/30/2016 by Denver L

5 stars simply isn't enough to describe how awesome working with Melanie was. We were planning a honeymoon in the Caribbean and really just had no idea where to start since there are so many different places to go, but after describing what we were looking for, Melanie put together a comprehensive package that provided exactly what we wanted and fit within our budget even though we were being a total pain and constantly changing our minds on how much money we wanted to spend. By working with Melanie, we were able to procure rates that we probably wouldn't have been able to get had we booked ourselves. Not only that, but one of our original bookings fell through because the hurricane damaged the resort so we basically had to re-plan that entire part of the trip. Melanie was able to make arrangements and book our DREAM resort which all happened within a couple days. She took care of EVERYTHING for us and really took a load off our backs while we were consumed with planning our wedding. My wife and I are frequent international travelers (1-2 times a year out of the country) and have always planned our own trips. I think in the future, we'll just give Melanie a call because we trust her to put together the best itinerary you can possibly have - better than we can even do and I think we're pretty good at it! Just give them a call and let their amazing service speak for itself. You just can't go wrong.

Melanie was amazing! Her knowledge of honeymoons, the region we wanted (Italy) and overall customer service was second to none. We were able to keep an ongoing, candid relationship throughout the entire process, and received a very personalized, spot-on itinerary. She was even available at all times during our trip to help answer questions as they came up/as we felt the inspiration to change a few things around. We would 100% work with Melanie again!

Reviewed On 9/28/2016 by kristine m

I don't normally write lengthy reviews but I literally cannot praise Melanie D'Souza at Divine Destinations enough. We put off going on our honeymoon for 2 yrs because the thought of planning another big thing after the wedding seemed so daunting. Her first email stating her travel expertise and how she could help put me at ease immediately. It took another 6 months for me to reach out again but she was ready from the word go. Planning: All we knew was that we wanted to go to Barcelona and then lay on a beach in Europe. After our first conversation about what we might like, she researched and then presented a couple of itinerary suggestions. We chose to go with northern Spain – Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao and the island of Mallorca. She not only chose hotel destinations but also coordinated transportation and activities for each city, balancing both our preferences as I like to see everything and my husband likes to be more relaxed on vacation. When I mentioned that we probably wouldn't take advantage of a car that she was planning to book for us in Mallorca, she read deeper into what that would mean for us. She did more research and suggested that we upgrade to a nicer hotel that was in more of a central part of the island that did not need a car. She found lower priced hotels for the other destinations to balance out the overall price. She gently kept the process moving and was patient when it took awhile to do the only task I wanted to do – which was buy the plane tickets with my credit card miles. Melanie never up sold us, but was very diligent about sticking to the budget that we discussed without any prodding from me, she treated our money like it was hers and always gave us options to spend down or splurge for each hotel location/activity. Before we left, she made sure to go over the trip details and sent us a packet with everything we needed to know, including her contact info and how to get a hold of anyone for help any time. The Trip! This seemed like an ambitious itinerary as we did not know how amazing every place was until we got there. Each hotel was always in a great location and seemed to give us just a little extra every time we checked in – whether it be a bottle of champagne or an upgraded room. One had a rooftop pool, all seemed to give us the nicest view available with an ocean view balcony for our last days. Like the other reviewers mentioned, every city, hotel and activity she set up for us was better than the one before. We came to see Barcelona but didn't realize all of Spain is so amazing. San Sebastian, picturesque beach side foodie capital, was a surprise favorite destination of ours and one that we would have never thought of on our own. Our time in Bilbao was surprisingly fun and our on the beach finale hotel in Mallorca island was everything I hoped it would be and more. All of Spain is so amazing, in addition to being picturesque it is a wine and foodie lover's dream! Truly an unforgettable time! Thank you so much Melanie for taking away all the stress of planning so that we could just hop on a plane and enjoy our long awaited honeymoon!!!!

Reviewed On 7/07/2016 by Judith W

Looking for an extra ordinary experience that will have your guests talking for years to come? Call Melanie! She's the best at listening, planning, managing expectations, avoiding conflicts and problem solving. With her superior customer service skills, Melanie managed to coordinate and plan my daughter's wedding last September where every single guest was totally satisfied. (There were about 70 guests , many of whom I considered difficult to please.) Her communication style is superb. She is indeed the best in the business. Just got back from an AMAZING 2 week vacation in Europe. Thanks to the planning skills of Melanie the most knowledgeable , detail oriented and experienced travel consultant I have met. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a lifetime as Melanie offered us choice, convenience and comfort in a package that reflected our life style. Melanie, you did it again - surpassed our expectations.

Reviewed On 6/07/2016 by Sid U

After planning several wedding events, the last thing we wanted to do was plan our own honeymoon too! I (the groom) consider the honeymoon a gift to ourselves, so I didn’t want me or my bride to have to spend time researching and booking our trip. We found Melanie online. We met by phone, and she took the time to get to know us, what we like, what we don’t like, and stitched together a honeymoon just for us, within our budget. All we had to do was talk! It was easy. Each day of our trip was thoughtfully planned out, and our only job was to show up and enjoy. We did. We had the best time. Melanie was extremely responsive and attentive to all our requests. Even while on the trip, we were able to get a hold of her when we had questions. We recommend her.

Reviewed On 6/07/2016 by Aviva N

We worked with Melanie and she was fantastic! She catered to our every need and helped us set up the exact honeymoon we had envisioned. All of her recommendations on sights, activities, and accommodations were spot on, and every guide she connected us with overseas was courteous and professional. Whether it's touring, eating, or relaxing, Melanie will go above and beyond to make sure your every need is met! She was so pleasant to work with and genuinely wants to make sure you and your partner are more than satisfied and have a honeymoon you won't forget!

Reviewed On 1/28/2016 by Catelin

Melanie with Divine Destination Honeymoons was truly the best vendor we worked with for our wedding (which is saying a lot as EVERY vendor we had was amazing!). Honestly, Melanie is responsible for making our honeymoon the best experience of our lives. Right from the get-go we knew we wanted to go to London as my husband and I are such Anglophiles, and Melanie got started right away. Most people balked when they heard that we wanted to go to London in December, but not her. After our initial phone conversation, she knew exactly what we wanted out of our trip and made it happen. The best part is that she created an itinerary that really blended both of our interests from Sherlock Holmes, to WWII, to Harry Potter--we did it all! She kept us so well informed over the course of planning and even when we were on our trip as certain plans were changed or adapted. Right from the first day everything was so beautiful. My husband and I agreed that the hotel was the highlight of the experience and we would never have found such a beautiful place without her advice. Upon arrival, she had arranged for us to have an upgraded suite overlooking the Buckingham Palace, free gourmet breakfasts every morning, and even a cute little set up of the room with rose petals, candles, dessert, and a truly sweet welcoming letter. Our hotel--the Rubens--was a dream thanks to Melanie's attention to detail. And the daily activities!! I can not express how much fun we had each day with all she had planned for us. We literally got everything we wanted out of the trip and, again, all her hard work and planning made it all happen. We are so very grateful to Melanie. Honestly, we wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone that is either getting married or just wants to plan a trip. You can bet we will be coming back to her in the future for more travel plans!

Reviewed On 12/22/2015 by Andrew H

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Melanie from Divine Destination Weddings & Honeymoons in planning our paradise honeymoon to Tahiti! Friends of mine used Melanie for their honeymoon to Thailand, loved their experience, and were kind enough to recommend her to me. The referral did not disappoint as we had a wonderful experience working with Melanie! My new wife and I married in the Fall of 2015 and decided that we wanted to honeymoon in a tropical paradise. While my bride-to-be handled the large majority of the wedding planning, I thought I'd take on the task of planning the honeymoon. Well that didn't end up being very fair at all because Melanie made planning the honeymoon SO EASY! At the time, we weren't even sure where we wanted to honeymoon, so our first phone call with Melanie involved going through an array of beach/tropical options. I need to say that Melanie is definitely a well-traveled agent who has been to so many beautiful and great places, and is very able to share her honest experiences with you. After our first phone call, she then put together a few packages for us to get an idea of how the travel experience (flight/lodging/transfers), amenities at different resorts, and costs may differ. When I wanted to explore a few other options, she was more than happy to look into it and put together more information for us. I thought about how very long it would have taken me to research all the travel details myself, and I was already so appreciative of all the time she was saving us. I typically do my homework before committing, so I did cross-reference the package prices Melanie presented with some competitive online travel agencies, and I have to say that she was getting us a GREAT DEAL! So then I thought to myself...we're getting her amazing travel expertise, she is doing the work to provide us all the details, we get special perks and add-ons just for booking with Divine Destination, and it is costing us the same or cheaper than if I were to try to do it by myself!!! OMG where has this service been all my life?! We ended up deciding on a Tahiti package which included 3 nights in Moorea and 5 nights in Bora Bora. Melanie had experienced different resorts on both islands herself, so she was able to help us find the right resorts for us. Moorea and Bora Bora were both AMAZING! We stayed in the over-water bungalows and the whole experience was absolute paradise! If you're looking for beautiful beaches, stress-free vacationing, and top notch amenities as well as service, then Moorea/Bora Bora may be a great trip for you! Melanie gave us some tips on the best activities/excursions, and we did end up doing a few of those. After a year of wedding planning, my new wife and I enjoyed the most spectacular honeymoon together, and there is very little to nothing we would change about it! A few extra noteworthy things: We live in Southern California and Melanie and Divine Destination are based out of the Sacramento area. We did all of our business via phone/text/email, and did not meet in person. The experience was smooth and problem-free, so you do not need to be in the same area to work with Melanie and these travel specialists! Also, my wifey's bridesmaids were able to contact Melanie in secret, and she helped them surprise us with a JetSki activity package as a wedding gift! All in all, we had the absolute best experience and are excited to work with Melanie again to plan our future travels!

Reviewed On 10/26/2015 by Haley C

Melanie was absolutely amazing to work with and planned the PERFECT honeymoon! A friend of mine recommended her and I am so glad she did. My husband and I knew we wanted to explore the Amalfi Coast and go to Greece but knew little beyond that. I had assumed in Greece you go to Santorini and Mykonos because those are the ones I had seen people visit most. However, in speaking with Melanie and explaining we really wanted to use our honeymoon to relax, she helped guide us to the perfect itinerary and places we would have never thought of. Each hotel she selected was absolutely beautiful and somehow each step of the way we kept finding ourselves thinking it can’t get any better than this, right?!! Yet, each hotel/city continued to surpass our expectations. Because of booking through Melanie and Divine Wedding Destinations, all of the hotels treated us like royalty. I honestly can’t recommend working with Melanie enough because she not only planned the best honeymoon but she is really wonderful to work with. I also loved that she told me she could work with any budget and she helped to find the best places for the best value. We had beautiful balconies at every single destination!! She was also incredibly attentive and you really feel like the itinerary is personalized just to your needs and not pulled off the shelf. Can’t wait to plan our next adventure with her where ever we may go!!!

Reviewed On 10/04/2015 by Martin C

We met Melanie D'Souza of Divine Destinations at a bridal show early in our wedding planning process when we were still considering a destination wedding. We were impressed with her at the show, but ultimately we decided not to go with a destination wedding and so selected a different local travel agent to plan our honeymoon. We were looking for our honeymoon to be a unique experience that was not the type of vacation we would ordinarily plan for ourselves, but did not have a precise idea on what that looked like and so were very very interested in suggestions. We had never worked with a travel agent before, and the suggestions aspect was what we were hoping to gain from working with one. Unfortunately, after over a month (maybe two) of sporadic communications at best with the first travel agent, we reached out to Melanie regarding helping us with our honeymoon. At this point, we were pretty late in the when-to-plan-your-honeymoon timeframe (with just over 2.5 months before our proposed departure date) and were feeling discouraged. We reached out to Melanie on a Sunday afternoon. Not only did Melanie respond on that same Sunday, but she provided specific responses to the ideas I’d thrown out and gave me some things to think about. She quickly scheduled a phone meeting with Martin and me and got immediately to getting us proposals. We were so pleased with the insights and suggestions she provided. The three honeymoon proposals she provided (Fiji, Thailand, and Bali) were all within our budget, unique and all exciting for different reasons and places we had never before considered traveling to. Ultimately, we chose Bali and could not have been any happier with our decision. Our honeymoon experience far exceeded our expectations, and we owe that to Melanie. She was prompt, professional, friendly, available, and everything we could have wished for in a travel agent. We definitely plan to work with Melanie in our future vacations! Ultimately, we found using a travel agent to be a fantastic experience, once you found the right agent, and the right one is Melanie!

Reviewed On 9/25/2015 by Joelle W

My now husband and I decided to use Divine Destination Weddings and Honeymoons (DDWH) after he researched the company online. We were having a large destination wedding(70 Attendees) in Jamaica--at the time I thought that my mother and I could handle the arrangements, but I quickly found out the value in their services. Our travel consultants name was Melanie, and she was amazing! Melanie started off by compiling our needs and working with our budget to find us a list of resorts that fit our wish list. She gathered pricing and assisted in the contracts process. Not only did Melanie help us with the logistics of finding our hotel, she also was the primary liaison for all of our guests--allowing me, my husband and mom to focus on actually planning the wedding. Melanie helped coordinate guests flights, she relayed all pertinent information, and by the end of the trip got to know many of our family members (we even wanted her to come to our wedding)! She was well liked by everyone, super responsive, and very patient with everyone's needs. In addition, Melanie offered to help in the wedding planning phase. Once again, I thought it would be enough for me to handle, but I quickly learned her experience and company clout was desperately needed. Although my planning experience with the resort was not "ideal" (to put it nicely) we were fortunate to have such great advocates at DDWH working to fulfill our needs. She even traveled and met with the Hotel staff prior to our wedding, and prepped them for our arrival! Though I had my reservations in the beginning, looking back at it now, it is unbelievable how much value comes with working with DDWH! There was not one moment, since we began working with them, that we ever doubted their competence or motivation to fulfill our needs. They were the perfect advocates for us as bride and groom and we know they will still be when we continue using them for vacations as husband and wife!

Reviewed On 7/31/2015 by Trish B

I cannot recommend Melanie/Divine Destination Weddings & Honeymoons enough! I did some research when planning our honeymoon and inquired with about 5 different travel agents. Melanie had the fastest response time, was so nice and helpful, and was the most reasonable. She put together a dream vacation for us, at an amazing price and the hotels she selected were top notch. Friends and family have all said they want to go on our exact honeymoon (Rome, Sorrento/Amalfi Coast, and Capri). I can't wait to plan our next trip with her b/c she is so great at what she does.

Reviewed On 6/02/2015 by Jaclyn P

Let me start by saying ... I was just as picky of a bride as you are.. and I was blown away by the services Melanie provided! As a fairly well travelled and adventurous gal, I was initially against using a travel agent. However, I met Melanie at a local bridal show and was thoroughly impressed with her travel knowledge, but even more her friendly demeanor and willingness to listen to our ideas to create the perfect honeymoon! My husband and I visited Thailand (Bangkok and Koh Samui) in April 2015. We knew we wanted to visit Thailand, but Melanie helped us lock down the exact locations we would visit, hotel stays, and activities. Our trip was amazing and it was all thanks to the planning that we had done beforehand. Melanie was so patient with us as we made multiple revisions to our itinerary and had lots of questions regarding which resorts to stay at. She even made pros and cons tables for us to consider when choosing hotels! We were so please with the locally based (in Thailand) agency that Melanie worked with and hooked us up with. The tour guides as well as local staff/agents were so attentive to our needs and concerns. Two days prior to our departure there was a car bombing in Koh Samui. We were a bit concerned and although ended up keeping our original plans, they were flexible in offering us alternatives IF we chose. When we returned back home, Melanie followed up with us to get our feedback on the trip. This just goes to show how dedicated she is to her clients and to helping create the perfect trip! I can't say enough great things about Divine Destination Weddings & Honeymoons. Pricing was extremely fair - in fact, it was exactly the same as I could get myself online. However, we had the peace of mind and security of having everything figured out for us. It was especially nice to have someone at home monitoring our trip (completely unobtrusively) to make sure everything was going smoothly. Do yourself a favor. Don't stress about your honeymoon and give Divine Destination Weddings and Honeymoons a call! You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed On 5/29/2015 by Erica H

I can not say enough wonderful things about Melanie. My husband and I have traveled the world together and have never even thought about using a travel agent (we always saw that as a bit "touristy"), but with the wedding planning and moving to another city, there was just no way we could manage to plan a 2 week trip to Portugal and Morocco. I began looking into it and once I spoke with Melanie--she had spent a month in Portugal and a month in Morocco-I was absolutely convinced. We had a few phone conversations asking about our budget and accommodation preference and she took everything I said (authentic, but with a honeymoon flair) and ran with it. All I can say is we had THE most INCREDIBLE two weeks abroad--the hotels were to die for, her suggestions were spot on, and we even had a private driver drive us all over Morocco. We felt like true royalty the whole time and all my husband kept saying was, "how much did we pay again?!!?" because it was so first class. Best part was, I gave her a range for the budget and she came in lower than the low end. Can't ask for much more than that! Really, I would recommend her to anyone planning a big trip or honeymoon and I will absolutely use her in the future. Thank you so much, Melanie!! 

Reviewed On 5/27/2015 by Melanie D

I cannot even explain in words how much help Melanie D'Souza was in being there every step of the way in planning my wife and I's honeymoon. I met Melanie D'Souza at a wedding show in Sacramento, California and connected with her right away. My wife and I wanted to go to Bora Bora but, we realized that the expenses were going to be more than what we had planned. Melanie D'Souza helped us navigate where we could go for the budget we had intended. I looked on every travel brokerage site online and could not even come close to the wholesale rates Melanie had quoted us. After Melanie had emailed me, in very timely manner, all of the quotes I had asked for to different destinations, we decided to go to Matangi Private Island in Fiji, which she had actually recommended to us. We probably gave Melanie D'Souza the hardest time she's had in switching locations for our honeymoon prior to choosing Fiji but, she never complained or was in a bad mood one time. The whole entire process was and A++++++ experience. Our honeymoon was phenomenal and more than everything my wife and I could have ever imagined. Thank you Melanie D'Souza as well as Classic Vacations for treating us with the kind of customer care every business should follow. I will be doing business with you for the next 20+ years and highly recommend everybody out there to do the same. I saved myself thousands of dollars but, more importantly a ton of time and headaches. Thank you for everything, Jake and Melanie Dowd

Reviewed On 11/17/2014 by Brittany S

Neither had I until I called Divine Destinations and spoke to Melanie. We were really struggling to decide on a place to honeymoon and with DDW, the daunting process became practically effortless. All parties we spoke to were great about getting/staying in touch and being very available to discuss different options with us. Once we got in touch with Melanie, we told her our budget and what we wanted in a honeymoon (a relaxing, stress-free, tropical vacation where we could sit on a warm beach without a care in the world) and she sent us a list of options that eventually was narrowed down to three. All of the options looked awesome, but we ended up deciding on a Sandals resort in this location. We had a BLAST! She sent us a packet of tips and things to make sure we tasted/activities we did before we left. We had such an amazing 9 days and were so thrilled with our experience...we want to travel again! And we will definitely be sure to use DDW for future non-honeymoon travel planning. Thanks Melanie!

Reviewed On 10/20/2014 by Alexis F

Melanie D'Souza was our travel agent, and she put together the most incredible honeymoon imaginable! She was always quick to respond to my questions and inquiries, and very honest about everything. She worked hard to stay within our budget, although ultimately we decided to spend more because we wanted to upgrade our accommodations. It was worth every penny! Our trip was better than expected, and she also worked with the resort to get us several extra perks for free. It was less expensive working with her than if we had put the trip together ourselves. I would highly recommend her for your honeymoon!!!!

Reviewed On 8/18/2014 by Francesca G

Melanie D'Souza of Divine Destination Weddings is just absolutely amazing and fabulous!! She was very instrumental in every decision we made for our destination wedding in Cancun this past June; from selecting to the hotel, to coordinating with all 80 of our guests, we definitely could not have gone through the logistics of planning our destination wedding without her help! Even though we managed everything through email and phone, Melanie did a great job of instantly knowing what would fit our personalities and made the right suggestions for our special day and the days leading up to it. She knew everything that was going on with our guests, always kept me up to date, and checked in at every crucial milestone. She even sent out everyone portfolios of their itineraries which included tips, cute travel labels, and a pen! All of my guests have raved to me about how amazing she is and actually helped some of them plan their own separate trip as well! I cannot say enough great things about Melanie and her commitment to us as the bride and groom - just know that if you decide to go the destination wedding route, you will be in the absolute best hands with Melanie. Her service was beyond anything I could imagine! She took really great care of us. The icing on the cake was that her services cost us..NOTHING! With all that was going on with wedding planning, Melanie happily took the liberty of planning our honeymoon in Ocho Rios Jamaica without much guidance from my husband or myself. She knew exactly the kind of hotel and location that would suit us, and we couldn’t have been happier with her choice! We had the best time of our lives! We eventually met her in person after we got back from our epic trip - not surprisingly she is just as sweet and fabulous as she is on the phone!

Reviewed On 8/10/2014 by Aimee S

We had asked Divine Destinations to help us plan our rather nontraditional honeymoon to Ukraine in 2013 -- yes, this was a few months prior to when there was any notion of things hitting the proverbial fan. Melanie D’Souza took our up our challenging request (really, no one else thinks Chernobyl is romantic?) and saved us countless hours of research, insane amounts of stress, and undoubtedly a whole lot of money. Everything was planned out and taken care of including the transportation, personal guides, hotel accommodations, our somewhat unique site requests, insurance, and full location details and itinerary. We felt safe and well taken care of the entire time. There was no way possible for us to have pulled off this level of attention to detail and planning to a country that had so very little information and resources for US travelers. Melanie at Divine Destinations has proven to us that there is no reason not to explore something a bit more uncharted. Now we have amazing memories and were able to see this incredible country before all of these unfortunate events that may have closed it off indefinitely to such experiences. Another wonderful thing about Divine is that now we have a great ongoing relationship with a travel expert who knows what we are after and is a wealth of information and resources. I am continually looking to Melanie for travel advice and will be using this agency for all of our vacation planning in the future.

Reviewed On 6/19/2014 by Jenna B

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful of an experience we had working with Melanie at Divine Destinations. Not only did she take the stress out of honeymoon planning for us, but she went above and beyond to cover every last detail of our trip. She took the time to walk us through tons of honeymoon options (hotels, locations etc) and worked with our budget to make sure we got the trip of a lifetime! I've recommended Melanie (Divine Destinations) to every friend I have, and I will continue to use her for any travel my husband and I do for years to come!












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